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Master; child; teen.

Child friendly; adult only. 


For eating; for entertaining. A multifunctional set of buildings for any purpose.

Open plan living/dining



Floor plan

What do you do with an excess of money? Buy an island and build your own modern island getaway! Complete with a separate entertainment deck, three bedrooms and a bucketload of anti-social privacy.

3br, 2ba


  • Bunkbeds, a crib and a separate teen room
  • Laundry room
  • Entertainment deck with: outdoor dining, a wood stove and a bar.

Nectary and science lab

Master bed and bath.

Just a couple of bathrooms

Entryway / Reading room

Just a house. A beautiful house up on the hill. A beautiful house up on the hill with fantastic views of the Isla Paradiso islands, stretching as far as the eye can see.

3br, 3.5ba


  • Fully planted garden
  • Some pet LTRs
  • Science lab
  • Nectar cellar + presser

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